Thursday, 7 July 2011

> Get Your Free Passes

HOlla Peeps,

Have you become one? One of Xpax Angels?!! If you havent you should hit this!!!
yeah Get Your Free Passes and become one Xpax Angels like me!!!

Xpax is one of the proud sponsors of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011!!!

just what should we do?

  • If you haven’t already done so, sign up as a Xpax Evangelist from your Nuffnang dashboard 
  • Write a blog post and tell us which 30 Seconds to Mars/Pop Shuvit song you would sing to us, in order to convince us that you deserve the tickets!
  • Tell your readers that you’re now part of the Xpax Angels and include a link to the Xpax Evangelist page at
  • Once you’re done with your blog post, leave your blog post permalink as a comment on this post.
The 25 best written entries will win a pair of passes each to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011! Hurry Angels, the deadline for this contest is 11.59 pm, 10 July 2011.

and lets ROCK!!!

I would like to sing the song titled "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars!!! And why? It is because of this song I know the great band like 30 Seconds to Mars, and this song really make me wanna scream "Bury Me", and I wanna sing along with Jared Leto!!! This song teach me to confront the truth about who I really am.. It remind me to become strong and not afraid of myself ~> And if i can sing with Jared, i will scream out "Come break me down!!! Bury me, bury me!!! I am finished with you!!!"

p.s :just let me WIN!!! because basically, I've never been on concert before.. Have you read about > cool sabtuday :D with bloggers with nuff here


  1. good luck!!! mesti dpt punye ni,.=))

  2. Anonymous7/7/11 20:32

    Nk pergi bwk kte skali tahu XD

  3. hey saiazuan..cane nk sebut ni hehe..zuan thanks 4 d wish..hope we both win d tix so we cn go together2 lah..hahha =D good luck juge!!


Every comment worth a thousand thanks.. :)


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