Saturday, 11 June 2011

> I like Nippon Paint Because Of You

HOlla Bloggers,

Everyday i stay in a room which have a plain green color with a little light to lighten it up because i don't have a window in my room. But I'm now indeed need something that can bring something more meaningful to me, it is because of one visit to my friends house. I see YOU there, at my first sight I'm getting to get in love with YOU, for the first time i meet YOU, I've been inspired by the feel that YOU drag me into. For the first time I've seen something as beautiful as sunset, as wide as ocean. I feel protected by YOU, by your beauty, by your peace of mind, and for the first time, I wanna have something that can represent me and my mood.. But that's not more, i like YOU because it is YOU... Who are YOU? You are The Nippon Paint

should my room be makeover by Nippon Paint?

p.s aq ada dapat e-mail dari Nuffnang pasal contest I Like Nippon Paint (actually dah lama, tp aq bru nk join..hahaha)

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  1. terase gok nak join tp xde idea..hahah..well, gud luck :)


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