Thursday, 30 June 2011

> Lets Race!!!!

HOlla Peeps,

Have you register yourself in this?

Join me in #Churp2race! Let's see who'll win the iPad 2, the Canon S95 or the HTC Desire! *pulls up sleeve!!! Click join for more info!!!

iPad 2, Canon EOS 550D, HTC Desire and more
click to join
JOIN THE RACECollect the most kms amongst your fellow Churpers in The Great Churp Churp Race Season 2 : The Night Race by inviting more friends to the Churp Churp community and sharing the campaigns. The Top 3 Churpers with the most KMs will win awesome prizes and the Top Churper gets to enjoy the privilege to choose first between an iPad 2 32GB Wifi, a Canon EOS 550D and a HTC Desire! The next 100 churpers will win a pair of TGV movie passes!
If you're in Top 20, you will also receive EXCLUSIVE Churp Churp plush toy andflashdrive!
p.s : lets get to the top!!! ;D


  1. perghh hadiah die masyuk siot !

  2. kalau buleh dpt plush toy ngan flash drive pn dh best dah. hoho

  3. TAG Zuan kat sini :

  4. macam best je contest nie..

  5. cam best je!! bleh la join nih!!

    dh follow blog ni...

    jom follow saya punya

    terima kasih :)

  6. macam best je, i'll try :)

  7. good luck. susah btol nak ber race ni.hehehehe

  8. wan pon tak check lagi,dah bape km agaknya ye kete kancil wan tu gerak.haha

  9. aduih.. hadiah memang best tapi cik su tak pandai nak influence orang..


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