Thursday, 30 June 2011

> Tech Thursday : It May Work, and May Not Work

HOlla Peeps,

For those who has Error 400, for a little tips on how to solve it try clear your cookies, your browsing data, histories, cache and anything that can be clear.. That mean you need to re log in to your all your account..

It may be a problems with a server, your web browser or internet security, you can try to download Ad-Aware from for a solution.. Get a free download version..

Cross your finger and have a good luck with it
p.s :  it has yellow color in it does it? But i am NOT a supporter at all!!!


  1. haha . baru je kawan aku tnye aku tadi pasal bnde nih . kau dah post kan . hahaha . tenkiu :)

  2. uish baru tau ni hehe thanks sharing

  3. tp knp blogspot arisha ok2 saja? maybe internet connection kat indon got no problems!

  4. blog saye pon ok2 saje.=)...cookie monster xde ke??

  5. zora tak jdi pon mcm 2....

  6. oouhh baru td ade orag ckp psl error 400 .. tengs bro share info ni :D

  7. tak pernah jumpa error 400 ni. kalau jumpa nanti akuk praktis tips ko.


Every comment worth a thousand thanks.. :)


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