Tuesday, 18 October 2011

> The Cube That Cube Me

HOlla Peeps,

What The Cube!

Feel exited to what that The Cube is all about?

Lets BUZZ it

When we talk about The Cube, what The Cube really is in your mind? The Cube is something that peeps have been talking about but no everyone really knew what it’s all about including me #LOL. Videos of people dancing on the streets with cubes at nuffnang sites(like the one i put on top) as heads began to pop up on the Internet makes the mystery of The Cube more attractive. In blink of the eye, people started to guesses as to what The Cube really is.

The Cube Launch 

15th September 2011, The Cube was officially revealed last month on at Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand, Kota Damansara and everyone finally know what The Cube is all about!!! 

Street parade by the Nation’s top marching bands and cheer teams were there, followed by a concert featuring the biggest names in the local music industry today such as Aizat, Joe Flizzow, Bunkface, Noh (Hujan) and more! Dont tell me that you miss that one???

The Cube is Needed! 

go to www.thecube.my

Alright lets straight thru the tunnel, The Cube is the only mobile content portal that gives you the hottest tunes, the latest buzz, the most fun games and more exciting things! Excited? Go to www.thecube.my to fix your mind.

But thats not just what it is, I won't have to worry about being left behind by my friend because new and fresh content will be continuously updated in The Cube! Cool right? Music, sports, games, wallpapers and loads of other EXCLUSIVE content for mobile will be updated and will be able to check out from The Cube from time to time! For people who lucky to win contest and movie maniac like me, there will also be contests, movie extras, sport tie-ins and more to be give! Now i can stay cool and updated with The Cube! Get your tech on the cube dude~

Check out the website at www.thecube.my or direct from your mobile at http://m.thecube.my

p.s : what am i babbling? it is a Xpax Nuffnang Join the Cube Craze and win the new sexy Torch! 
let me win Blackberry Torch 9860 or i'll stay with my old phone (which is tooooo slow for internet connection, darn~)!!! 


  1. once u use blackberry, gimme ur bb pin hikhik. sadly i cant get any benefits provided by the cube. bloody oversea.

    dia nari2 seronok tengok XD

  2. Aku nak jugak Blekberiberi.. haha..

  3. pray for my win Dhiya ;)

  4. best je tengok the cube ni menari2..hee

    nasib baik aq bukan peminat Blackberry...:)

  5. Ish time dulu2 xmo muncul lak cube ni kan. Dah aku mcurangkkan diri, ada lak promosi x hengat hahaha
    Moga ko dpt brekberi tu.

    Psst;aku lbh prefer online pkai fon lain dr brekberi hoho tp kalau dpt free sapa xnak kan!

  6. huhuhuu,,,zuan..sy x fhm pe bnda nih..

  7. bukan contest ni kene attend event dia eh? kalo macam tu aku pun nak join hahaha...

  8. ha, gudluck then.
    mudah-mudahan dpr blackberi tu :D

  9. all d best to you! selamat berblackberry! hehe

  10. setia pada digi.

  11. digi dan blackberry awesome !! :D

  12. okeh
    tgh cube nak paham the cube ni

  13. wish u best of luck! :)


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