Friday, 18 January 2013

Done With This, Ready for That - UiTM Final Year Project

HOlla Peeps,

Quick entry from me (I guess #LOL), done with my exam petang tadi, Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to everyone who had been trolled and wish me luck for my finals, I really appreciate it :D

Got things I need to prepared before final 'war' with my panels which I hope they will say, "WOW! Its a great applications! I wanna buy it if it goes to the market!!!"

Me presenting a proposal to panels (Yeah i'm like orang minyak! LOL)

Yeah, another 'busy excuse' from me.. hehehe

So, maybe next week or another week I will update about my final year project presentation. And yeah, my student life is about to come to the end.. And workaholic life is waiting for me...

Till then, AdiĆ³s peeps ;)

p.s: +shakiddo  cakap ada beberapa blog bawah blogspot temporarily removed..  Sapa dah experience it?

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  1. Selamat datang ke dunia pekerjaan slps ni..hee :D

    P.S - tu dgr ada blog yg kena removed..tak tahu apesal..

  2. aku ada dengar jugak yang pasal blogspot tu.. cuaknyeee!
    kau ke tu zuan?
    asal pakai baju putih? kikiki
    yeay dah present..
    boleh tarik nafas kejap..

  3. cari keje dekat2 kl je ye... boleh hang out nanti. hee... ;)

  4. good lmbt jg ko abez exam..ak jg abez awl.hehe..ape2 pn smuga dpt kputusn yg cmerlg yer..

  5. good luck weyh good luck!!! tak lama lg merdeka huhuhu :)

  6. confident jer den tgk bro buat presentation tuh...bagus2...:)

  7. kerja tak best.
    trust me. hihi.

  8. <-- org ni ade pgalaman..blogger pernah remove blog shida..

  9. Good luck bro.. presentation bagus dpn bos memang dpt naik pangkat ler

  10. first time masuk blog ni..pape pun, good luck! :)

  11. good luck bro.. hehehe.. buat yang terbaik.

    aku pun ada gak terdengar, tak tau kenapa.. risau jugak ni

  12. so,dah siapkan semuanya?cecepat update entri ye zuan :D

  13. oit zuan. lama aih tak masuk sini. hikss. good luck bro!

  14. 18hb ni dhiya dalam perut kapal terbang dah otw balik malaysia. Alhamdulillah selesai dah exam. Result keluar dah? Hehe


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