Saturday, 15 September 2012

> I Wanna Hold Your Hand

HOlla Peeps,

Volkswagen Malaysia Beetle

10 Years ago, in the evening. When I play football with my friend, we were so happy playing the ball until we didnt notice time is fading away. suddenly my friend kick the ball to hard until the ball hit the road, and i'm the one near the road who have to pick the ball, the moment i get to the road, i notice a beautiful lady walk on that road, and her hand were holding by a man. She was so beautiful until I forgot to pick the ball. is this love at 1st sight?

Several years later, I was shopping with my mother at one of the most famous mall in seremban. When we were done with shopping, we get back to the car when my father waiting for us. There again, I saw that beautiful lady, this time, she was very beautiful with Black dress. I just forget what color of dress she wear the 1st time I saw her 15 years ago. but this time, this time, she was so beautiful.but again, there is a man was holding her hand. and I never saw her again after that.

Then i get into university. studying computer science, still couldn't afford to buy a car. go to class with my friend car. one day, I never realize that i will see that beautiful lady at this place. but she was different this time, she was absolutely amazingly beautiful. she's wearing Red dress. this time, I saw her holding hand of a girl. I'm glad see her again. but I was too shy to say hi to her. But never mind with that, because I can see her everyday now. but just dont know when will I say hi to the beautiful Beetle I fall in love..

p.s: weekend ni aku ke Hat Yai Thailand untuk jejalan dengan classmate.. doakan keselamatan aku pergi dan balik ye :) 

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  1. dulu, aku minat kereta beetle yang sebelum ni.
    model macam ni jgak.
    tapi yang dah lama.

    pastu, bila tengok balik.
    model yang tu dah macam simple dan lapuk sangat.

    now, dorang dah ada pengganti baru!

    agak sporty model ni.

  2. Kiranya aku tertipu la ni? heheh

    Penceritaan yang bagus! ;D

  3. bila la ekk kta mampu nk beli? ^__^

    patutla nmpk zuan uplot kn insta, jln jauh ekk..take care :)

  4. Anonymous15/9/12 18:46

    one fine day, u will get ur own very amazingly beautiful lover. insyaAllah. hee

    wahh, bestnyaa. selamat pergi dan balik zuan. nak souvenir. EH ? hahah :P

  5. layaaaan weeekeng. muda2 leh jalan2.. take care bro!

  6. ahhahha jalan cerita seyes menarik.. terimagine sekejap tadi hahaha.. rupa2nya kreta cheh.. tp cantek kreta tuu.. nak sgt tp kompom dlm mimpi jer.. alahaii

  7. amboih bz eh smpi ke obersea tu heee

  8. kalau la dpt kereta giler la..:D

  9. u fell in luv wif a beetle, i'm in luv wif a mini cooper, hehe..

    have fun kat hat yai tue!! >_<

  10. namee suka tapi takde pitih...sedih :(

  11. tak minat ah kereta macam ni. hik.

    hati2 masa pergi hatyai tu. selwat bebanyak okayy

  12. so beautiful ..
    but swift kuning
    tetap menjadi pujaan xD

  13. rasanya lebih minat passat..hehe

  14. zuan!! kalao dah pakai kete nie jangan lupa dkna tau :)


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