Thursday, 5 May 2011

> Gain No Trust

HOlla Bloggers..

Entry ke 2 aq arini.. bukan tak ada kerja nak buat, just nk luahkan rasa hati.. friend? u got friend, me got friend, everyone got friend.. we got trust????

ok, trust tu word yang paling susah nak dapat kalau kte ad kawan sbb lots of backstabber in this world.. u trust someone, but u that person dont trust u enough..  know, when u learn that u make a mistake, what did u say or do?

apologize, to ur friend by saying "i'm sorry" (this is not Amir Raja Lawak Style, cos he look totally stupid with it (no offence)).. SO u msti expect, he will forgive u.. and be ur friend again right??? but he's not forgiving u and then, he starts telling bad things about u, he starts blocking u (on facebook, etc), and 100% avoiding u by not speaking to u, turning his "spenda face" away from u

so what will u do to face that kind of person? how long can u go with it? a day? a week? a month? a year? until u/he's dead?

it's better if u keep silent, it is also good if both of u have a talk..
but, will he.. change? its a sin (in Islam) if we dont talk to our friend which we have a clash with for more than 3 days.. so think about it.... peace..

p.s this is not a hot tempered entry, nor an entry to marah kat someone.. i am once a hot tempered, but i learn that being cool is better...


  1. huhhh..sokay..keep it up dude..tak rugi kalau bersabar......:)....tindakan yg bagus..just keep silence...silence is a killer...

  2. jangan amalkan hot temper tu. tapi, i pun cepat melenting jugak. penat sangat nak belajar sabar ni.

    cakap pasal kawan, i pernah jer gaduh ngan kawan baik i. jangan kata 3 hari, 3 bulan i tak tegur dia! hohohoh...

    amaran, jangan tiru aksi ini!


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