Friday, 10 December 2010

> Today Is Not A Day I Wish To Smile

HOlla Bloggers...
 Today Is Not A Day I Wish To Smile..
Yes I wish not to..
but i has to..

Once again, my brain has been challange by world.. 
my pride... 
my patience.. 
my life.. 
everything is up side down.. 
examination is a trash this semester like yesterday.. 
i wish i will never see that bad grade again..
but i see it again this semester..
i try so hard.. 
but in the end...
it doesnt even matter...

p/s not given up.. just heat up..
so nex sem, u better prepare a harder exam..
because i'm gonna score a perfect one this time..
i wish to see them smile again..
i promise..


  1. wan.. sabar ea.. da lg sem lepas2 nih... next sem cuba lagi ea

  2. dont worry b happy!

    yang penting, dont give up! :D

  3. dont give up and try harder next time :)

  4. thanks kwn2.. aq try the best nex sem.. dean list.. :D


Every comment worth a thousand thanks.. :)


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