Friday, 11 February 2011

> Last 7

telling u i like u last year on the phone at the middle of the night.. 
then got rejected with "hahaha"..
being cool with that coz i got rejected soooooo many times

waiting for several month
hoping you change your mind
change the fact that u like me

then i got a bad news from the social network

u got accident
got my hand on the smoke for 1st time

my heart doesn't feel right

then when u recover

given you time to heal

remember when i asked you for a drama?
i'm not interested to watch it actually
all i did was to see u

if i can write a song
to make u fall i love with me
i think i can win a grammy

now after you recovered
u forgot that i still like u
and u got the new man right beside u

it has been 7 month now since last time u rejected me

and why still me chatting with u?
and why i still messaging u?

you act strangely now
not someone i know before
all you say is it is because of the accident

but still i got no feedback from you..
and now i just wanna say thanks....

for treating me this way...

p.s this can me meaningless without the readers who understand what it means....

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