Monday, 10 January 2011

> Rules To Be A SWINDLE

gambar ini adalah hiasan semata2.. ;p

HOlla Bloggers...

Today I wanna teach you how to swindle.. Bad huh?  Thats my job.. well i'm practically not a good boy, and a good son.. i am a bad one.. joker? once being knocked out by me.. megamind? his brain is big, but still not good to beat me.. well, i am a swindler and today i wanna teach you rules to be one..
  1. Arouse their curiosity
  2. Act more than the real thing
  3. Dont test your luck
  4. Dont trust anyone
  5. Never let your guard down
understand the rules??? ok 1st task is...
open up my comment box..
then type in

"Oh My God!!! I got trick by Saiazuan!!!"

Hahaha alright, ingat lagi tak yang aq ni memang gomar tengok drama korea? so ni nak promote drama yang agak lama la.. taun 2006 disiarkan.. da satel layan ctr ni, n artikel ni da 1 bln aq tulis.. cuma x post je lg.. haha.. ... xD

p/s da blk UiTM arau ni malas tul nk blogging, apatah lg nk blogwalking.. sorry guys klu aq da lama x tulis blog n bw kt blog korang :D


  1. Anonymous10/1/11 23:14

    ceh!!punyer ahh ak tkn tertipu gamaknyer...
    btw cter da lama lor....ko tunjuk cter bru, bru.. r best...
    klu sassy girl lg best...

  2. xpe ctr lama, janji best.. klu ikut taste aq, rsa lg best dr sassy gurl... huhu...

  3. Anonymous11/1/11 00:33

    mcm kenal je cite dalam gambar tu....huhu


  4. haha robot pn ad prasaan gak..


Every comment worth a thousand thanks.. :)


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