Friday, 26 November 2010

> What do you wish to be if you are to reborn again?

HOlla Bloggers.. We are human, and we do lots of stuff in our life.. but do we have or got what we wanted?I've post this question "What do you want to be if you are to reborn again?" at my FB page.. and some of my friend come's up with this answer...

the name has been hide to prevent them from any disturbance in future.... 

There is a lot more answer that has been made.. but i only post print out some of it.. Some want to be a rich person, some wish to undo mistakes, and some believe it wont happen..

So what do you want to be if you are to reborn again?

> A tree - an answer from Choi Eun Suh to his brother Yun Jun Suh in Autumn in My Heart Drama..
> as for me, i wish i can be a bird so i can fly anywhere i wish i want to go..but being a human is fantastic!!! ^^

p/s this is just an open question.. not something have to do with religion things, etc.. so what's yours?


  1. Seriously, I'll be myself again.


    Let's put it at a different scenario. I don't know how being wealthy is like. I don't know what's being famous is like. I don't know... You'll get the drift.

    At least I know the life I have walked before me. If I could be myself again, I would improve on the what I've did wrong. And make better those I've did right.

  2. @Birthmark nice, hope you can be it

  3. i'm happy to be me... =D

    don't be a bird, i ain't got the chance to read your blog if you did so.

  4. aku suke giler komen Birthmark. apa yang dia ckap mmg make sense. kalau kita dapat jadi diri kita balik. apa yan gkita gaga dan kurang dan tak dapat capai, at least kita dah tau cemana nak betulkannya balik.

  5. i want to be myself. start over. change everything that i regret. i'll study at university of manchester and watch man utd's games at old trafford on weekends. haha. terlebih pulak.


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