Saturday, 16 April 2011

> Uninteresting 2 Weeks in April

Study Weeks has started
Examination week will proceed after that..
(which will me a stressful week to face)
so of you count the day
there is less than 30 days to face

and still
i didn't have a chance to meet her
(yeah she's busy)
express my feeling to her
gave a banquet of roses to her as i promises

will she accept that?
will she meet me at the park like we used to when we were close?
in just 2 weeks
(1 April if i still remember)
she changes...

is it because of the flood?
or is it because of the day that i gave her the origami roses?
and is she still have a doubt in her mind about my feeling?
or maybe because she is too busy with her work until she didn't have time to call me or BBM me (wish i got BB actually)

yes, there is a million girl out there
but she is one in a million
i have been entitled gay for years
because i didn't have a girl
(such a narrow minded friend i got)
i never mind with the title i got
yeah its not easy to fall in love
(then falling into the drain)

3 weeks ago
she said she will fly to China in May
and she said that she is concern if i fall for another girl
but i calm her heart by saying i wont do that coz what are words if you don't mean it?
(yeah Chris Medina had said it to her girl and he got her girl)

and i also worried if she fall to another man
but she said that she wont
(except for her gay actor, Shun Oguri)

so for this 2 weeks
all i can do is sending message to her
(and she only reply 1 message after 10 message she got, maybe she forgot to reply)
and try to call, but she didn't pick it up
(she's at toilet i guess)
and updating my FACEBOOK status, in hope she read it
(how will she read it if she didn't have a broadband with her?)

and that's all i can do coz i miss her so much

yeah, i'm love sick
(better than seasick)
i actually like her since i first meet her..
yeah 1 years ago..
but her friend told me that she got boyfriend already
so i undo my step
that means i have keeping my feeling to her for 1 years already
and the result...
i'm still patiently waiting..

and if u read this.. plz call me.. i miss u..

p.s lots of things i wanna share today, but its better u finish the story yourself.. this can be a true story, or maybe a made up story buy a University Boy who is bored with his life.. remember, don't prejudge before u can have a sufficient knowledge about it.. peace...

and yeah, you can say there is a lot more girl out there....but i don't care about it

blogging is place where you can express what you fell or what you think, so i'm opened about the criticizes that i will got in future..


  1. bersabar ...tapi perlu ingat...dun push ur self to much
    it become worst when u didn't get it..just let it be as naturally

    :) gud luck

  2. Hi wan ..for me it was really meaningful words and quite touching's okay wan ,if u love sumthing let it frees , if it comes back to u it was , if it didn't ,it was never yours ..take care express ur feeling because u will released ...

  3. weh,. aku mcm xpercaya ni ko yg tulis,.sumpah sweet dowh,.!! keep it up man,.=))

  4. hiii..sibuk lagi kat sini..sebab melting! muahahaha....jadiknya entry niy mmg the best among the best!!

  5. aku sokong ko bro.jgn putus asa.

  6. insyaAllah nnti penantian awak b'ahir dgn baik :)

  7. ehhhh,sabar bebanyak kay...apa yang terjadi tu mesti ada hikmahnya ^_^

  8. sweetnye..erm, sabar ye awk..insyaallah penantian awk xkn sia2..^_^

  9. thanks semua.. dah lama entry ni, tp still ad pembaca.. :)

  10. ini nasihat jantan.jantan kenal jantan.wan,kalo die adelah sesuatu yang amat istimewa,TADA SIAPA MAMPU MENGHALANG KO UNTUK TERUS MENUNGGU,TERUSKAN!aku doakan beb,sesungguhnye,ganas@nerd mane pon laki2 itu,bila hatinya tertawan,itulah saat mindanya dalam vakum.kosong,dan itu amat suci.teruskan beb!

  11. hehe..i just read that..xD..a bit that time u publish this article i dont have blog yet..gagagaga..

    bagus la ada yg masih setia..susah nak cari skrg ni..kalo kmu setia..dia juga, insyaallah..:D

    laki yg baik utk pompan yg baik kan..bgitu juga sbaliknya..hihik..:D

  12. suka komen adzuadgila .. keep hunting that girl.. betapa wanita itu hebat di mata kamu..

  13. I'm not into long-distance relationship.

    so, it's better to let go now.

    if she's destined for u, one fine day u gonna meet her again.

    i'm not saying that soulmate will come just by sitting and hoping, need to put effort but putting a hopeless effort is not worth it.

    this is my opinion. that lucky young lady, surely pretty cool person for having a loyal companion like u. =D

  14. love drives us crazy sometimes. =)

  15. bak sini ros origami tu haha. can i say i know how u feel? cause i sort of do.


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