Tuesday, 28 February 2012

> I'm a fan who will win a prize from CP GLOBAL INTERTRADE?

HOlla Peeps,

There is lots of things i wanna buy! But because short money, buying expensive things becomes impossible to me. Saving money to buy stuff that make others say;

Haha it's my style peeps. Its not riak or berlagak or an attention grabber things i do, its a self satisfaction to me. I feel satisfy when wearing something expensive, stylish, functionality and durability.

When we talk about brands, there is lots of outstanding brand out there which have a great quality, great durabilitytrustworthiness, design with high price but less in production. But why less production? To maintain the quality of the product.

Well now everything comes easy when Cp Global Intertrade arrive!!!

Cp Global Intertrade

With the tagline, 

"Heading To Beauty and International Fashion Design"

Cp Global Intertrade offer best stuff with best price we can afford!

Cp Global Intertrade owner got another 3 more network businesses which are True Herb Solution, Truewau Contractor and Koperasi Gemilang Baram Miri Berhad. All these companies have the differents but multifunctios values, visions and missions!

Alright, i think everyone is clear with the intro.. Here is what you got to do, Cp Global Intertrade currently organizing contest to all Bloggers, Facebookers, and including of Twitter user (Everyone involves in social network!!!).

1. You must 'like' our facebook page to prove that you is really our fan! 
Facebook Page 

2. Once you 'like' our Facebook Page, for Facebookers, write the note with the title " I'm a fan who will win a prize from CP GLOBAL INTERTRADE? ",  if Bloggers, compose a new post with the same title;  as well as Twitter users.  
Like what i am doing right now 

3. Tag at least 3 friends. If you are from Facebook Contestant, you can tag your facebook friends, and if you are a blogger, you can tag your blogger friends and so with twitter users you can tag your twitter friends in order to spread the contest easily! 
Who am i goin to tag? 
My Two Beloved Sister
Mr Shy
Juicy Tomato

4. What will you do with the posting?  It depends on your own creativity how to promote our company, our fashions, our styles and our products available. 
I already did above 

5. You can use photos, writing or painting as your promotion creativity! 

6. You MUST share your artworks from Facebook, Blog or Twitter on our Facebook Page so that we can update and select the winner easily! 

7. How do we determined the winner? It's so simple. It's 100% based on the creativity of your promotion will determine are you worthy to win. We get 2 smart judges to judge all of the participants and the family members, relatives and close friends of CP GLOBAL INTETRADE's Team are not allowed to participate this contest. 

8. What's the prize? Let it be secret. Clue: It's from our product! Sensual lovely scent. 

9. Always alert and keep updating any info and news from us, people! 

10. The closing date will be on 25 March 2012. 

11. The winner will be shout on 30 March. So, you must hurry to do this and ask lot's of your friends to shop from us! We will post the prize to the winner on 31st March 2012!

Simple and easy right? Get yourself in and you may stand a chance to win the prize!!! JOIN NOW!!!

p.s : Sorry, this entry's comment has been disabled, thank you :) 


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